Hi,  I am Dr. Kocman, just call me Shauna

Let me help you grow your online business:


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About Dr. Shauna Kocman

Welcome - I am Dr. Shauna Kocman

May I help you build an online presence for your small business?

I could tell you about my Ph.D. in engineering, or show you my curriculum vitae or discuss online learning… but that's so boring and stuffy.

I know you are busy!!  You just want to grow your business - like yesterday!

I founded Business in a Weekend for you!

As an entrepreneur, you are a true do-it-yourselfer.   I know you are the same way when it comes to growing your business online.

I help you learn and implement online marketing strategies with easy to understand step by step lessons to follow.

I am available for your support and encouragement.

I enjoy working with people one on one, and I want to help you get a competitive edge in your online business.

Contact me so we can schedule a free 20-minute strategy session.  You will walk away with action items to implement right now.

Seriously - Let's grab a virtual coffee together!



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