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Let’s answer the question – what is a blog by definition and how is it different from a website?  

Because it’s a little murky with so many terms used on the internetIf you are building your own website or thinking of starting a blog getting clear on the difference between a blog and website will help you. 

A blog by definition is short for weblog or an ongoing journal on a website.  Basically, a website is a static location that displays information on the internet.   A blog is a portion of a website that is updated regularly and reads in reverse chronological order.

Of course in todays terms you will hear most people talk about reading or following a blog.  What they are referring to is a website with a blog portion.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

What you are reading now is a blog post on my website.  

But you have likely visited other businesses’ websites that do not have a blog.   A basic business website may include a homepage, a contact page and some other resources.  

What is a Blog and how is it different form a website?

My dentist for example has 3 pages – a home page, a page with reviews and a contact page to set appointments and get directions.  He decided that’s all his patients cared about and a blog was not necessary to the success of his business. 

An example of a basic business website with no blog is my friend’s coffee business Mama Mountain Roasters. They are very active on Facebook and Instagram but do not have a blog on the website.

Another example of a simple business website is Mora Ice Cream. This is one of my favorite places to get ice cream while waiting for the Seattle ferry.

What are some examples of blogs?

Different types of blogs exist based on the end-goal for the person or business publishing the posts. 

The basic types of blogs fall into a couple of categories:

Business Blog – a business may add a blog to their website with important information about their business and contains the latest information about the organization.  An example of this type of blog is Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado has a blog to update the skiers and snowboarders of the latest at the resort.

This small plumbing company, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, mostly writes about maintenance and DIY repair tips.

A business blog that is worth following if you are a blogger is SEMRush blog. They share guides and articles that help you build your online business by using their services.

Niche Blog – A very narrowly focused blog based on one theme, such as travel, phones, music or quilting.  An example is Camper Report focused solely on owning and maintaining an RV. Digital Photography School is one of the best known photography sites that started with a focus on beginners.

Lifestyle Blog –  Recently lifestyle blogs have become very popular.  Where an individual or group write regularly updated posts about a variety of areas of life such as cooking, travel, and home-decor.

A Cup of Jo is a lifestyle blog that encompasses design, travel and, relationships. Another example is my other blog Family Travel Fever about our family adventures together.

How To Blog:  A blog that people read to learn how to do something such as home improvement projects. An example is It Still Runs showing people how to work on their own vehicle.

Goins Writer helps people write better with topics like how to write a book, send better emails, and how to travel and write about it.

Review Blog – The author shares information and feedback on products such as web hosting services, cars or cell phones. An example of this type of blog is Tom’s Guide with a review of technology like cell phones.

Bike Rumor is a blog that reviews everything about well, bikes and bicycling.

Personal Growth (Journey) Blog – Individuals frequently write about an adventure, a goal they are working towards or a learning experience in the form of a blog.  They may share this with family and friends or hope to make money blogging. 

A well-known example is Smart Passive Income. Pat Flyn started this blog to share everything he was learning about online business.

One popular personal growth blog that was started in 2008 is Budgets are Sexy. I follow both of these blogs regularly and have been enjoying the transformation that these bloggers have shared through their blogs.

Many of these blogs start as a way to share a personal journey but grow into large business blogs.

Interested in Starting a Blog?

Want to Start a Blog this weekend? Read How to Start a Successful Blog and Sign up for the Free Course to Start Blog! Plus you will get tons of free resources by joining the VIP club.

What is a blog used for in business? 

A blog is not necessary for the success of a website but there are many benefits to having a blog on a business website.  

You may want to update customers on the latest products, build an ongoing relationship with clients, establish credibility in your industry, and establish an avenue for inbound marketing. 

WordPress Website with Blog on Computer

Also, a blog helps get to the top of the search engines.  For example, a lawyer in a tiny town may not need help with search engine rankings but a law firm in Chicago will get lost in the mix.

By publishing a regularly updated blog about the legal issues in Chicago, Google is more likely to suggest this business when someone’s looking for law firm in Chicago.

How do I add a blog to my website? 

Let’s say you already have a website and are wondering how to add a blog.

A WordPress website divides content into pages and posts. 

In the backend, or area for editing a website, you will see a tab for pages and posts on the dashboard.   

Step 10: Write a New Blog Post in WordPress Gutenberg ~ Add New Post. Beginners step by step tutorial to build a wordpress website for your small business
Write a New Blog Post in WordPress Gutenberg ~ Add New Post

Choose tab or the button for new post. You will see an editor pop-up where you can start typing a blog post.

Once you hit publish the post will show up on a blog roll or on the blogging page.

If you need more information about how to build or  update a word press website you can take my free crash course here.

What is a blogger?

The definition of a blogger is a person who writes a blog. Bloggers generally own a website and make money by writing about things people are interested in. 

A blog may have an entire business based around writing content.  The barrier to entry to blogging is very low because you just need a website. But creating a successful blog takes work and a special skillset.

How do I start a blog?

If you are interested in starting a blog you will first need to build a website.   The basic steps are outlined below but you can follow my tutorial for starting a blog here. 

The Basic Steps to Start a Blog on WordPress

  1. Choose and register a domain name for your website
  2. Pick a web host to keep your website secure and show it to the world
  3. Install WordPress, the preferred platform for blogging
  4. Design your blog with a theme
  5. Customize your site with plugins
  6. Write a blog post

The last step is what really makes you an official blogger. 

That’s right – just start writing something interesting.

To start a new post – go to the Dashboard menu and choose Post.

The drop down will have an option for “Add New”

You will see a section “Enter title here”  where you can type the title or headline of your post.  

Then under that is the area for writing content.  

You can just start writing in the blank box or you can choose a builder such as Elementor or Divi and start writing.

Your first post can be an introduction to you and your blog.  Or you can leave that for the pages you build and jump right into to pillar content.  

Following a structure for your blog post will help you write more effectively and efficiently. Read more about the best structure for a blog post in my article here.

Once you are done writing you can publish your post.

That makes you officially a blogger. 

More on “how to get started blogging if you are a beginner:

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Every Blogging Term and Definition I could think of.

Well, we have defined a website, a blog and a blogger.  

You will continue to hear these terms used interchangeably but you know the difference.   For more definitions of terms in blogging, I have a list of over 100 here. 

What is your experience with blogs?  Do you have any more questions?

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