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Blogging is a profitable profession if you choose the right blog niche and put the work into it.

Hundreds of new blogs start every day where bloggers try their best to get the attention of the target audience and also make money out of it. The problem begins when it comes to the content and niche of the blog.

If you are a beginner, the term niche refers to the main subject or topic of your blog. (See my dictionary of blogging terms here)

The main subject for your blog matters as you can’t attract the audience without having a proper direction of the blog. Random blog posts and irrelevant content confuses your readers and ends up in with zero monetary benefits.

Profitable Blog Niches and How to make Money from them

Now, the question arises, which blog niche is interesting, attracts the maximum audience, and is profitable? This is a list of the top 9 profitable blog niches and how to make money from them. Within each subject is a micro-niche ideas list that you can focus on.

Let’s find out which niche works best for your blog.

Lifestyle Blogging Niche

Lifestyle blogging includes the everyday life of the blogger, which shows their interest and inspires followers (source.)

While blogging in the lifestyle niche, you must stay genuine and focus on high-quality content, which shows the diversity and influential ability. If you keep creating quality content, many brands may approach you for collaboration, and you begin to make money.

Cup of Jo, Fit Men Cook, Cupcakes & Cashmere are some examples of popular lifestyle blogs.

If you want more ideas for a lifestyle blog read here for 127 Lifestyle blog name ideas.

Lifestyle blogging is an immensely vast niche in which you can cover the following topics.

Personal grooming
Mental health
Relationship advice
Nail art
Religious content
Home décor
Interior decoration

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Entertainment Niche

The entertainment niche is quite vast, and it has a huge potential audience. You can earn money through an entertainment blog by featuring the sponsored products, sharing celebrity news and television or film reviews.

For example, if you feature a television series you could be an affiliate. Driving traffic to your blog you could monetize by advertising.

Man, I love films; Tashify, 9GAG, and Entertainers Worldwide are some of the most popular entertainment blogs.

The sub niche ideas list for an entertainment blog are:

TV plays
Animated series and movies
Celebrity Gossips
Celebrity lifestyle
Social issues content
Music Shows
Game shows
children programs
Action movies
Romantic movies
Quiz shows

Nutrition and Food Niche

If you are a foodie, have good cooking skills or specialize in nutrition, you can begin to think about a food blog. Although it is one of the most profitable niches for blogging, it also the most competitive. So a micro-niche will be important in defining your slice of the internet.

You can sell your recipes to food magazines, make recipe videos, and attract some brands for making money. For example, a brand of spices, cookware, food products, milk, or a restaurant chain might want to collaborate with you.

Google AdSense can also add up if the food blog is linked with YouTube videos.

Minimalist Baker, Budget bytes, and Gimme Some Oven are popular food blogs.

Examples of sub-niche ideas with in the food niche are:

Cultural food
Regional food
Food photography
Specialty Cookbooks
Food exploration
Fine dining
Restaurant reviews
Restaurant news
Street food
Outdoor cooking
Healthy food
Detox food and drinks
Allergy-Free Foods

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Art and Craft Niche

People with a strong imaginative mind and a creative sense can begin an art blog right away.

Driving traffic through “how to” posts for a specific craft will give you opportunities for ad revenue, affiliate sales, and digital products. In addition, selling artwork is one of the many ways to make money through an art blog.

Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, Commarts, Azure Magazine are some of the most popular art niche blogs.

If you are thinking of ideas for an art blog, I have got a long list for you.

Graphite sketching
Oil pastels
Soft pastels
Poster painting
Street art
Modern art
Oil painting
DIY craft videos
Ribbon art
Quilling art
Flower painting
Powder art
Canvas art

Product Reviews

You buy a product, use it and then give your opinion about it in the form of a blog. Product reviews are done this way and are immensely profitable, but it is a tricky niche.

Many bloggers plan to monetize with affiliate products. If you are personal, consistent and honest, you may get the attention of brands and other companies. Brands approach the good blogs and collaborate for the promotion of their products.

Outdoor Gear Lab and Miss Thrifty are popular as examples for this niche.

Some ideas for reviewing products for blogs are:

Makeup products
Skincare products
Mobile phones
Home appliances
Mobile Phones
Fitness gadgets
Food products
E-commerce websites
Clothing brands
Haircare products
Jewelry brands

Technology Blog Niche

Many engineers and tech people begin blogging in the tech niche. This niche requires expertise in the field you will be writing on.

Depending on the micro niche tech blogs can be successful with advertising revenue and affiliate marketing.

Such blogs enjoy huge sponsors from electronic companies (source). You can create blogs like “how to use a tech gadget” kind of blogs to which the engagement and reach is very broad.

TechCrunch, AmberMac, and TechPoint are the most popular tech blogs.

A tech blogger can write on;

Tech gadgets
Mobile phones
X box
Fitness gadgets
Soft wares
Software solutions
Health gadgets
Home appliances
Technology products
Medical gadgets
Speakers and music systems

Science Blog Niche

Science enthusiasts, teachers, students and experts in scientific fields write science blogs. In fact, some of the most popular science blogs are written by experts in a specific field and used by teachers in the classroom and homeschoolers alike.

People generally love science and depending on your target audience you can write in very basic everyday language or technical terms.

Science Alert, Nautilus, Plos, Improbable Research are the blogs on the niche of science.

Most common sub-niches are:

Aerospace science
Science theories
Science experiments
Experiments on physics laws
Use of science for mankind
Kid’s science practical
Science lectures
Video lectures

Business and Marketing Niche

Business, finance, and marketing blogs target specific audiences but are some of the highly profitable niches for blogging. Business and marketing blogs have got millions of readers, and that is alone enough to help the bloggers make money through readers and ads.

They can sell the placements in their niche once the blog has got sufficient audience and flow of content. Marketing strategies, business ideas, human resources, and sales are some of the sub-niches where people find more interest than other topics.

Wistia, Evernote, Moz, REI are some very popular examples of business and finance niche.

Have a look this micro-niche ideas list for a business blog.

Business strategies
Business marketing
Small business ideas
Startup business
Business personalities
Latest trends in the business
How to/tutorials for business and marketing
Reviews of business trends
Business company reviews
Blogs for the students of business administration
Customer loyalty and stress management during the blog
Personal or success stories of businessmen
Basic marketing courses

Health and Fitness Niche

The market size of “Wellness” is now over 4 trillion dollars globally (source). Think of all the health problems and challanges people have today. If you know what you are doing you can tap into this with a health and fitness blog.

By driving consistently high traffic you can monetize with ads and affiliate networks. Given the cost of fitness and medical equipment, the affiliate commissions are a major opportunity.

A very popular form of monetizing a health and fitness website is with a membership site. I in fact am a member of one.

My Fitness Pal, Avocado, and Chocolate Covered Katie are all examples of popular blogs in the health and fitness niche.

Examples of sub-niche ideas with in the health and fitness niche are:

Digestive health
Weight loss
Muscle Building
Nutritional Health
Pregnancy Diet
Postpartum health
Autoimmune Diseases
Back and Neck pain
Reproductive health
Home Gyms


I am sure this list of 9 profitable blog niches and how to make money from them will help you in getting a good start for your new blog. I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of a clear niche for a blog. That’s why I included over 200 sub-niche ideas in the list.

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I hope this article was helpful and inspirational. Let me know in the comments if you chose any of suggestions from the micro-niche Ideas list.

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