Parenting is a difficult task and the only way to become a true expert is on the job training.  To start a blog you will first need a name for your parenting blog.  This article will show you successful parenting blogs online today, teach you how to pick a name, and give you a long list of creative parenting blog name ideas that are available. 

New and seasoned parents turn to the internet for help with many problems.   Many bloggers have found success by sharing tips tricks and ideas that they have learned along the way.  Others encourage moms and dads in everyday challenges.  Here are the top parenting blogs online today to encourage you to start your own parenting blog. 

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The 50 Best Parenting Blogs Online Today

  • Psychology Today – Singletons
  • Extension & Outreach – Science of Parenting
  • Janet Lansbury – Respectful Parenting Guide
  • Mom and Dad Are Fighting – Slate’s Parenting Podcast
  • ADDitude –  ADHD Parenting Blog
  • Hand in Hand Parenting
  • Parents Magazine
  • Parenting Ideas – Positive Parenting Blog
  • Aha – Parenting Advice Blog
  • Today’s Parent Blogs
  • The New York Times 
  • Common Sense Media Blog – Parenting, Media, and Everything In Between
  • Psych Central | Mindful Parenting Blog
  • Working Mother Magazine – Work-Life Balance for Moms
  • Newborn care – Newborn Parenting
  • Grown and Flown – Teenage Parenting Guide
  • NatkhatZ 
  • Sylvan Source – Education blog for Parents
  • My Little Moppet – Food recipes for Toddler
  • The Green Parent
  • Parenting Science – The science of child-rearing and child development
  • The Mabelhood
  • Mommy in me – Parenting & lifestyle
  • Autism Parenting Magazine
  • The Suburban – Simple Parenting Blogs
  • Penniless Parenting – Frugal Parenting
  • The Champa Tree – Funny and Creative Parenting Blog
  • Kidskintha – Raising Parents, Raising Children
  • Nature Moms – Green Parenting Guide
  • The Simple Parent Blog
  • The Better Mom – Christian Mom Blog
  • Family Matters – Practical Parenting Blog
  • Cheekiemonkies – Dad Parenting Blog
  • The Wacky Duo – Singapore Family and Parenting Blog
  • Beanstalk – Single Parenting Blog
  • My Baba Blog
  • Who’s the Mummy – Single Parenting Blog
  • Kidding Around Greenville
  • Priceless Parenting – Conscious Parenting Blog
  • Mother Distracted – Mindful Parenting
  • Full Time Baby
  • The Educational Tourist – Travel Parenting Blog
  • Adoptive Families Magazine
  • A Happy Mum – Singapore Parenting Blog
  • Snug Baby – Newborn Parenting Blog
  • – Italy Parenting Blog
  • Lies About Parenting – Minimalist Parenting Blog
  • Christian Mom Thoughts
  • Motherhood Later
  • Milton Goh Blog – Singaporean Christian Blog

How to Choose a Good Parent Blog Name

Want great parenting blog name ideas? These popular parenting blogs online today will give you inspiration to start your parenting blog right away. Find out the best parenting blog name ideas
Family Blog Name Ideas and Suggestions

As you can see from the above list, innovativeness takes the day.  One of the first things to consider is branding. It was needs to be descriptive of what your blog is all about in a simple way. 

You will need to choose a name that is easy to remember. Often, it will be a combination of two or more related words. Combining an article or adjective with a noun can be an easy way to arrive on an excellent mom or dad blog name.

Some of the tips to help you come up with a unique name include:

  • Create or make up a new word – think Google
  • Use of unrelated words, for example, The Wacky Duo is a Singapore family and parenting blog
  • A name that describes what you will blog about, for instance, The Working Daddy
  • Use your name or a variation of your name 
  • Use a keyword by searching Google keywords
  • Your blog niche can be the basis of your name 

What to Write About in a Parenting Blog

Focusing on a particular niche gives you better results than when you blog on just about anything. You will be seen as the expert in the eyes of your audience and Google.

Some of the parenting blog niches you can choose include:

  • DIY- write about home improvement in preparation for a baby and other dad hacks
  • Psychology- narrows down to dealing with the anxiety and other feelings as a dad
  • Shopping- you can write about where to shop and what to buy for a baby
  • Working parents- the balancing of work and parenting is a great niche
  • Personal finance- parenting comes financial adjustments which make personal finance a great choice
  • Stay-at-home mom or dad and working from home
  • Health and fitness when parenting- you can focus on how to still stay healthy and fit even with the overwhelming task of parenting
  • Life after kids- you can write about love life after couples have children
  • Raising twins or multiples- an excellent niche for those with multiples
  • Food- if you are into cooking the talking about food for kids is a niche you should think about
  • Milestones- focus on the growth of children

Read on for some of the best parenting blog name ideas that I came up with. You are welcome to use any of the names below. I checked when I wrote this article and each was available at NameCheap.

107 Original Parenting Blog Name Ideas

  • Parenting Kids Reviews
  • Mom Future
  • Raising Barefoot 
  • One Holy Family
  • Parent Event
  • Nurture the Nature
  • Antics of a Toddler
  • Wiser Mom
  • Adulting with Twins
  • For the Love of Math
  • Web Family Center
  • Parenting Infants
  • My Dad DesignMunchkins and Mahem
  • Wholesome Happy Family
  • French Family Style
  • My Ducklings
  • Cooking for All
  • What is Pi
  • Parenting with Pride
  • Parenting Styles Guide
  • One Dad Online
  • Real Mommy Group
  • That Blended Brood
  • Parent Movie
  • Heavenly Homeschool
  • Homeschool House
  • Family Trends
  • Mother Fast
  • Paternal Love 
  • Rainbow Parenting
  • Once Upon a Village
  • Holy Homeschool 
  • Another Word for Mom
  • About Family Travel
  • Parenting in Place
  • Blended Family Affairs
  • Homeschool Tricks 
  • Empire Faithful family 
  • Parenting Kids Solutions
  • Top Mama Shop
  • Filthy Footprints
  • Beachy Keen Family
  • More than a Village
  • Merry Motherhood
  • Parenting Next
  • Thriving Family Times
  • A Place for Parents
  • Parent Dream
  • Powerhouse Family
  • Many Muddy Shoes
  • Real Mama Now
  • Parenting Kids Systems
  • Art Education Travel
  • Family Travel Online
  • A Couple and Kids
  • Drive Me Insane
  • Baby In My Belly
  • I Dream of Quiet
  • Return of a Teen
  • Come Back Kids
  • Of faith Family
  • Family Ventura
  • Full Sail Parenting Adventures 
  • Herb Children
  • Family Quirks
  • Bed Time Prayers
  • Clean Quiet Life
  • Embracing the Noice
  • One Tired Mama
  • Parent Rocks
  • Two Toddlers in Tow 
  • Live Love Snore
  • Nature Nature Other
  • A Place for Grace 
  • Tiny Tidy House
  • Parenting Kids Lab
  • Adulting with Kids
  • Family Fashion Trends
  • Eight Tiny Footsteps 
  • Mother Street
  • Shape Children
  • Parent Rica
  • Nonprofessional Family
  • One Single Mama
  • Searching for Joy
  • Single Simple Life
  • Parenting Kids Tech
  • Family Minors
  • Parenting Minors
  • Parent Rich
  • Just Chaos and Kids
  • One Single Parent
  • Family is Love
  • Mary Martha and Mom
  • Pace Grace

How to Make Money with a Parenting Blog

You probably have heard of people earning a living through blogging and wondered if you too can make money from your parenting blog. Mom blogs are have taken the internet by storm. It is quite easy actually, and all you need is time and effort to grow the number of visitors to your site. Once you have people reading you amazing content you can monetize your blog. You can make money through the following ways:

  • Running advertisements on your blog, for instance, Google Ads or Ezoic
  • Affiliate marketing of relevant products
  • Writing an eBook about your niche
  • Offering an online course in your niche
  • Selling 1-1 or group coaching sessions

Final Thoughts on Starting a Parenting Blog

A great blog name makes all the difference when it comes to people finding your blog online. From examples, it is evident that you will need to be creative. You can use the tips and come up with your own name or pick one from the long list of parenting blog name ideas. Let me know which name you chose for your blog.

The next step is to start your blog the right way. I have step by step instructions you can follow here: Start a Blog. Or you can get into the free course to build your website and start your blog here.

Want to Start a Blog this weekend? Read How to Start a Successful Blog and Sign up for the Free Course to Start Blog! Plus you will get tons of free resources by joining the VIP club.

Want great parenting blog name ideas? These popular parenting blogs online today will give you inspiration to start your parenting blog right away. Find out the best parenting blog name ideas
Family Blog Name Ideas and Suggestions

(Psst.. by the way. I got you covered if you need some help with setting up your WordPress site.)

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