Are you interested in starting a financial blog?  Do you like to talk (and write) about money but need help coming up with finance blog name ideas?  

Blogging has become increasingly popular and you may know that you can make money talking about money. 

What is a finance blog?

A finance blog is an online journal on a website that presents information about managing money.  Some topics that financial bloggers write about include investing, saving money, making money, setting a budget. 

If you are interested in starting a blog, I don’t want you to get stuck at picking a name for your blog.  

What is a good name for a finance blog?

Finding a good name for a new blog requires some creativity.  You want to include some memorable words related to money, finance, wealth or debt, depending on the topic you want to write about.

Once you have read through the examples of successful finance bloggers I will help you pick your own name.  

I came up with a list of popular financial blogs for you.  These sites are worth reading and are making money. The names will also give you some ideas about how to name your own blog.

The Best Financial Blog Names

  • Wisebread
  • Free Money Finance
  • Budgets Are Sexy
  • Get Rich Slowly
  • 20 Something Finance
  • The Simple Dollar
  • Money Under 30
  • Money Crashers
  • Five Cent Nickel
  • Money-Saving Mom
  • Christian Personal Finance
  • Well Kept Wallet
  • Little People Wealth
  • Afford Anything
  • I Will Teach You to be Rich
  • The Penny Hoarder
  • Making Sense of Cents
  • Man vs. Debt
  • Financial Samurai
  • My Wife Quit Her Job
  • Mr. Money Mustache

After reading the domain names of some very successful finance bloggers are you inspired to get your own name?   I have created a list of ideas for your name.  You can choose one off the list or read further so I can teach you how to choose your own name,  Then once you have a name I will tell you what to do next to buy the perfect name for your finch blog.

Finance Blog Name Ideas

  • Smart Money Marathon
  • Speed Retirement
  • Genius Money Man 
  • Abolish Debt Fast
  • Excel Wealth
  • Fund My Retirement 
  • Optimum Safety Net
  • Save Coin
  • Fatten Finances
  • Afford Future Gold
    Passion For Finance
  • Multiply Your Paycheck
  • Prudent Cash
  • Retirement Sprint
  • Wage Mentor
  • Fun Safe Finance
  • Richest Mentor
  • Common Cents Cash
  • Saving Guidance
  • Paycheck Ninja
  • Monster Money
  • Finance And You
  • Millennial Dough
  • Maximize Dollars
  • Dyna Debt
  • Gold Income
  • Money Benefits
  • Wealth Trade
  • Skill Financial
  • Aspect Financial
  • Economic Financial
  • High-Quality Wealth
  • On Point Financial
  • Debt Effect
  • Money Smarts
  • Profit Dynamic
  • Money Fall
  • Lark Capital
  • Debt Peace
  • Treasure Financial
  • Money Signals
  • Debt Management
  • Wealth Executive
  • Green Street Money
  • Methodology Money
  • Passion Financial
  • Wealth Rising
  • Raise Wealth
  • Money Truth
  • Cashity
  • Social Income
  • Wealth Plan
  • Penny Saved Penny Invested
  • Life Cents
  • Speed Money Marathon
  • Smart Money Mania
  • Shiny Coin Coach
  • Hundred Dollar Report
  • Snowball to Fortune
  • Fat Wallet Talk
  • Dividend News
  • How Does My Money Grow
  • Debt Free Venture
  • Adventurous Investment
  • Fat Piggy Bak
  • Loan Round-Up
  • Budgets are Power
  • Grow Big Riches
  • Method to Wealth
  • Banish Debt
  • Big Money Happy Life
  • Let’s Get Rich Together
  • Everything Money
  • Fast Finance Hacks
  • Wise And Rich
  • Optimum Cash
  • Capital Over Cash
  • Principal of Principle
  • Genius Wealth Building
  • Retire Sooner
  • The Budget Ninja
  • Fat Piggy Bank
  • Riches Report
  • Financial IndependenceReport
  • Expanding My Wallet
  • Shrink Your Debt
  • Wealth Builder
  • Dollar Monster
  • Mint Notion
  • Smart Retirement Hacks
  • My Money Freedom Plan
  • Real Wallet Talk
  • We Know Dough
  • Real Finance Talk
  • Moneyfied
  • FISprint
  • Smart Family Finance 
  • Happy piggy bank

Creating a Memorable Financial Blog Name 

First, things first, is to think about the sub-niche that you will write about in your blog.  

Blogging has become increasingly competitive so picking an area to focus on is necessary.  In addition, Google takes authority into account when ranking articles in the SERPs.     In order to increase your authority and trustworthiness, you should pick a very specific topic and write about it continuously.  

A good idea for picking a niche is to think about the other areas that you have expertise in.  You already know you want to talk about money.  Do you want to include budgeting or investing?  Are you a mom trying to stretch every dollar?


Financial Blog Topics To Write About

Finance bloggers make money writing about a variety of finance topics. This is a summary of some ideas of topics for you to write about.

Personal Finance

Bloggers in the personal finance niche talk about planning and managing personal financial things.   Topics to write about include income, budgeting, and investing fall into this category.  

Good Financial Cents is a good example of a personal finance blog name


Budgeting is actually a micro-niche of the personal-finance area.  Many blogs talk specifically about all areas budgeting.  You could write about topics such as creating a budget, sticking to a budget, saving money, reducing spending, saving and more.

Budgets are Sexy takes a different approach to budgeting by making it cool.

Debt Payoff

People are so far in debt that blogs like Man vs. Debt are popular for reducing debt and increasing savings.  One idea to approach this subject is to blog about your own journey to reduce debt and encourage others along the way.  Many of these blogs include financial reports including the debt reduction summary.

Family Finances

Kids are expensive. That is plain and simple and having them, changes your financial future forever.  Usually in the less money direction. 

Bloggers can discuss how to manage finances in a family.  This is a topic that is popular with mom bloggers such as Money Saving Mom.

Financial Independence

Who doesn’t want to have enough cash stashed away (or invested) that they never have to work again?  Sounds impressive right?  Financial independence is a growing area of interest as people want to move from working because they have to pay the bills to do whatever they enjoy most.

Mr. Money Mustache financial freedom blog, started by a 30-something retiree, who wants to share his frugal, yet fun, the life of leisure


The ins and outs of investing can be complicated.  As an investment blogger, you can talk about topics on everything from stocks to retirement, to real-estate and everything in between.    You can also cover the best ways to protect your money from extra fees and taxes

Financial Samurai has been around since 2009 and talks about aggressively saving half of his salary and investing it. 

Passive Income

Pat Flynn comes to mind right away when I write about the passive income niche.  He started his blog as a journey to test out various methods of creating income for himself.    

A passive income blog talks about working hard to create a business or investment that makes money with very little work.  

Topics on Saving

Saving money is hard but so important. Fiance bloggers find success helping others save money for the future. Some ideas for topics to write about include reducing spending, coupons, food and meal planning, saving for a vacation or celebration, hacks for saving money on expenses and so much more,

Financial education

I guess all financial blogs fall in the education category but a financial education blog is focused on financial literacy.  

From InvestopediaFinancial literacy is the ability to understand and properly apply financial management skills.”

Christian and Financial Topics

People of the Christian faith follow the teachings in the Bible to manage all areas of life including finances.   Dave Ramsey is likely the most well known Christian personal finance guru but there are many more too.  

How to Choose a Finance Blog Name


9 Tips for Choosing a Financial Blog Name

1.Think of names that are short and memorable

2. Try a mixture of Noun -noun or adjective noun

3. Wrote a phase that is easy to remember

4. Create a word by mixing to together (like what Investopedia)

5. Go for words that start with the same first letter or that rhyme

6. Use your own name, either as your full name or an adjective to describe you

7. Choose a domain name that is available in a top-level domain specifically .com. You can search on NameCheap many names at once and choose the TLD. 

8. Use a thesaurus to help you think of words that you could use in a name

9. Use the list below that I created to help you think of a name

List of Related Words to Choose a Finance Blog Domain Name

To give you even more inspiration for naming your blog, I compiled a list of words that you can use to mix and match and create a brilliant finance blog name.  These are separated into nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs so you can use the title template ideas.


  • Money 
  • Cash
  • Debt
  • Wealth
  • Speed
  • Retirement
  • Coin
  • Finances
  • Gold
  • Paycheck
  • Cash
  • Capital
  • Wage
  • Finance
  • Mentor
  • Ninja
  • Monster
  • Dough
  • Dollars
  • Penny
  • Cents
  • Life
  • Marathon
  • Sprint
  • Mania
  • Coach
  • Report
  • Fortune 
  • Riches
  • Method
  • Genius

Adjective/ Adverb

  • Safe
  • Fun
  • Ingenius
  • Memorable 
  • Free
  • Frugal
  • Cheapskate
  • Rich
  • Smart
  • Easy
  • Everything
  • Good 
  • Best
  • Optimum
  • Excellent
  • My
  • Miserly
  • Prudent
  • Thrifty
  • Slowly
  • Fast


  • Retire
  • Invest
  • Afford
  • Crush
  • Spare
  • Snowball
  • Build
  • Multiply
  • Stretch
  • Expand
  • Roll
  • Get
  • Make
  • Save
  • Grow
  • Plant
  • Excel
  • Abolish
  • Banish
  • Fatten
  • Expand
  • Multiply
  • Shrink

Many of the words on the list can be used for writing blog posts for your financial blog. If you want even more ideas for words – I have a list of over 1,000 Catchy Words for Titles and Headlines.

Buy Your Finance Blog Name

How to buy your perfect finance blog domain name before someone else does.  By the end of this, you should now have a list of your favorite domain names for your blog.  What do you do next?  

Wait – don’t search the name on Google or another search engine. I have seen too many times someone lose a domain they thought was available.  This sounds paranoid but bots and certain untrustworthy sites pick up names and then sell them for high amounts.

Do this instead:   Search and register your name with a reputable domain name registrar.  

Related post:  Want to know more about what is a domain name and the domain name system? 

I use a domain registrar that I can buy the domain name from.   Then you can hold it till you are ready to build your website and start blogging.  

The yearly registration is only about $10 so you should buy it right away.

Go to and type in the name that you want.  

If you have a list of names, even better, use the ”Beast Mode” and choose the .com extension.  You will instantly see which names are available and if any additional variations are available. 

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Did you find the perfect finance blog name on this long list? At least hopefully you got a bunch of ideas for names. Let me know what you name your blog. Please share and pin the image below to save for later.

Examples of successful finance bloggers to inspire you.  Plus a long list of available finance domain name ideas and learn to choose the best blog name.
Finance Blog Name Ideas

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