With almost half of U.S. households owning a dog, a dog blog can easily target this audience.  In this article, I will give you the information to choose the best dog blog name ideas.

I’ll give you some examples of existing successful pet blogs then teach you how to pick the perfect dog blog name, and even give you a bunch of ideas to choose from.

After that keep reading because I’ll tell you what to do next to secure your name and start your blog.

This is part of a series of naming your blog.  After reading this you can learn more about choosing a name you love and hundreds of ideas for a blog name on these articles

Dog blog name ideas and examples. These popular dog blogs online today will give you inspiration to start your pet blog right away. Find out the best dog blog name ideas and learn the formula for choosing the perfect domain name.
Dog Blog Name Ideas and Examples

What is a Dog Blog?

A dog blog is a website posting timely and relevant information related to dogs. Dog bloggers generally write about a variety of topics including puppies, training, buying a dog, caring for a dog, and showing dogs.

Examples of the Best Dog Blog Names Online

  • Bodie on the Road
  • iHeart Dogs
  • The Bark Magazine
  • Carma Poodale
  • Champion of My Heart
  • The Whole Dog Journal
  • Dog Shaming
  • Dog Tipper
  • Oh My Dog
  • AdoptaPet
  • Dog Milk
  • The Doginton Post
  • Canine Journal 
  • Kurgo Dog Products
  • Pressplay Pets
  • The Jet Set Pets
  • Handicapped Pets
  • Rubicon Days
  • Ruffwear Blog
  • My GBGV Life
  • Dogtopia
  • Slim Doggy
  • Have Dog Will Travel
  • The Dog Training Secret
  • Laborador Training HQ
  • Crusoe the Celebrity Daschund
  • Petmoo
  • Manny the Frenchie
  • Rascal and Rocco
  • Small Dog Place
  • I Can Has Cheezburger
  • Two French Bulldogs
  • Woof Dog
  • Furrtographer
  • Dog Tipper
  • Canine Weekly
  • Dr. Peter Dobias
  • Golden Woofs
  • Wag N Woof Pets
  • Barking Royalty
  • Its Dog or Nothing
  • Sidewalk Dog
  • You Did What With Your Wiener
  • Pup Style
  • Terriermans Daily Dose
  • The Other End of the Leash
  • Dog Cancer Blog

Dog Blog Micro-Niches and Topics to Write About 

  • Breed Specific
  • Elderly Dog Care
  • Dog Cancer
  • Disabled Dogs
  • Companion Dogs
  • Service Dogs
  • Diets and Food
  • Raw Food Diet
  • Dog Training and Behavior
  • Adoption and Rescue
  • Which Dog to get
  • Family dog issues
  • Traveling with dogs
  • Hiking with your dog
  • Working dogs
  • Natural healing
  • Dog Gear
  • Dog Treats
  • Grooming
  • Dog walking business

Tips for Choosing a Dog Blog Name:

Once you have decided on a focal point or niche for your blog you can start creating the best name for your blog.  This is the fun part.  You can brainstorm tons of dog blog name ideas and choose your favorite.

Here are a couple of tips for choosing a name, followed by a list of related words to help you get started creating a perfect name.

  • Choose a name that is short and easy to remember
  • Follow a formula for the name – noun-noun or adjective noun
  • Add an adjective or location to your dog business name 
  • Combine a couple of related words 
  • Add an adjective or verb to your name
  • List of Related Words to Help Create Your Favorite Domain Name

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Nouns Related to Dogs

  • Dog 
  • Mutt
  • beast
  • Pup
  • doggy
  • Hound
  • Pooch
  • Bowwow
  • Fido
  • Tail wagger
  • Companion animals
  • Petfood
  • Quadruped
  • Baby
  • Paw
  • Fur
  • K9
  • Tail
  • Friend
  • Report

Adjective/Adverbs Related to Dogs

  • Champion
  • Celebrity
  • Pure Bred
  • Beloved
  • Dear
  • Calm
  • Mucky
  • Furry
  • Perfect
  • Fun
  • Dirty
  • Free
  • Frugal
  • Easy 
  • Good
  • My
  • Fast
  • Favorite
  • Creative
  • Itty
  • Family

Verbs Related to Dogs

  • Bark
  • Be
  • Groom
  • Touch
  • Petting
  • Race
  • Play
  • Bow
  • Calm
  • Wag
  • Walk 
  • Running

You can get even more power words to add to the list above from our article 1,000+ catchy words for click-worthy titles

Dog Blog Name Ideas

  • My True Companion
  • Chic Schitzu
  • My Mastiff
  • Doggy Divine 
  • Dog Page
  • Doggy Swag
  • Woof Ball 
  • Up Puppy
  • Muttly
  • Total Woof Ball
  • MuddyMut
  • Family Dog Blog
  • Fancy Dog Blogger
  • Totally Waggable 
  • Clean Paws
  • Snazzy Puppy
  • Turbo Hound
  • Proud Dog Mama
  • Fur Paw
  • Leashly
  • Wet Nose
  • Pawsibilities
  • Whisker Nation
  • Barkable
  • Happy Healthy Paws
  • NuzzlyMuzzle
  • A Fur Affiar
  • Accidental Puppy Love
  • Furzie
  • Talk to the Paw
  • Dog Trix
  • Slippery Puppy
  • Dog Sit Dog
  • Apoochability
  • Bark at This
  • CuteCuddlyCanine
  • Running with Dogs
  • Puppify
  • Barxly
  • ePuppy
  • Happy Tail Trails
  • Canine Pack
  • My tough Dog
  • Teach My Dog
  • Puppify This
  • About Your Furry Friend
  • Fur Baby Carrier
  • CampingPaws
  • Low Maintenance Dogs
  • AdorableAkita
  • Elderly Dog Care
  • i heart Canines
  • Love At First Yip
  • Barkness
  • Lab Pups
  • Mob Dog
  • Adopt Your Best Friend
  • My Geriatric Dog
  • Gate Left Open
  • No Naughty Dog
  • Velvet Coat
  • Kiss a Frenchie
  • Hold My Paw
  • Eager Paws 
  • Wet N Wild Woof
  • Camp Bow Wow
  • Heaven Sent Hounds
  • Broadway Dog
  • Titanium Dog

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Now that you have your favorite names list and picked out its time to secure your name and start your blog.  Don’t just search Google and risk losing your name.  Follow these step by step instructions to start your dog blog now. 

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Dog blog name ideas and examples. These popular dog blogs online today will give you inspiration to start your pet blog right away. Find out the best dog blog name ideas and learn the formula for choosing the perfect domain name.
Dog Blog Name Ideas and Examples

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