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The world of blogging is continuing to grow each year, with no signs of slowing down. If you’ve found this article, you are likely in the beginning stages of starting a blog and are looking for ideas on how to choose a brilliant blog name. 

Your blog name is important. It not only needs to represent the type of content you will be putting out there, but it should also represent your ideal brand.

Of course, you want to choose a blog name that the exact match domain is available. If you have an existing business, the exact may not be available. These tips will still help you choose a creative domain name that is memeroable and compliments your business.

With each of the ways to choose a name for your blog, I give you some examples of real existing blogs.

As a bonus, I have added some ideas for blog and domain names that you can take and run with. I wrote a separate post with 50+ catchy blog names that you are free to take. If you do choose one, please let me know so I can congratulate you on your new blog.

Here is a sneak peek at my top tips to for finding a creative domain name for your website or blog:

Creative Ways to Choose a Brilliant Blog Name

  1. Think about your brand
  2. Something Memorable
  3. Easy to pronounce and spell
  4. Just Use Your Name
  5. Stick to only 2-3 words long
  6. Check out the competition
  7. Use a Play on Words
  8. Blend words together
  9. Use Humor or Sarcasm
  10. Use an adjective + noun
  11. Use two nouns together 
  12. Adjective + Your business name
  13. Alliterations
  14. Go Random
  15. Use a Blog Name Generator

You may be thinking about starting a blog for your current small business or starting a blog to make money.  Either way you will want to follow a theme or niche and name that will help you make money. 

The first step in figuring out a great name for your new blog is to decide on your niche. A niche or theme is basically what your blog will mainly be about. 

If your blog is going to be targeting mom’s who are looking to budget, you wouldn’t want to use the word luxury in your blog name. That would cause brand confusion and wouldn’t accurately represent your target audience.

Besides, sticking to a specific theme will help Google and other search engines understand what your blog is about.  You want to impress and not confuse the search engines for good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Creating a List of Brilliant Blog Names

Think about your Brand

Ok, so that may not sound so brilliant but this is good advice.  Seriously, think about your brand that you are creating source .

Your blog name is a cornerstone of building your brand.  Who is your audience?  What are keywords in your mission statement? What type of product do you deliver?  What is your niche or focus? What is your message?

You can even use a phrase that describes your business. 

For example, a popular blogging education website is

Other popular examples are:

The Walt Disney Company, Institute of Mechanical Engineers under, and Runners World

These are some ideas for a new blog – that are available and you are welcome to take Cooking with Pennies, Making Smart Kids, Invest in Your Own Finances, Beginners Guide to Keto

Write Something Memorable

I have a secret trick to figure out if a blog name is memorable.

Come up with a few names that you like.  Write them down.

Call a friend or family and mention that you are working on naming your blog.  Then read the names off slowly.

Of course, you can take note of their immediate reaction. 

Better yet, casually talk about some other things that have been on your mind or catch up with what has been happening in their life.

Then towards the conversation, ask “Oh so those blog names.  Do you remember any of them?”

Since you want to choose a brilliant name that people will remember this is a perfect first test!

In fact,  this is how I picked the name for this blog!  My Dad remembered Business in a Weekend after our otherwise usual conversation.  

Some more examples of blog names which are particularly memorable are: Family Travel Fever (full disclosure – this is mine), Nerd Wallet, and Angry Birds

Her are some unique and available ideas I could think of that are particularly memorable are

Mom on Time, Fat Peach, Budget for Keeps, Smart Money Now, Money Signals, Meow at This

3. Easy to Pronounce and Spell

Even though you want a domain name that is creative, it should pass the easy to pronounce and spell test.

Think about Google – in the beginning, it was a nonsense word that no one knew.  But in describing the business idea, the founders, could easily pronounce the word and the spelling is phonetically accurate. 

In fact, one of the main reasons the word has now become a verb is due to the sound.

Similar to my trick in tip #2, try calling a friend and mention your idea for a blog name.  If they say “what” “repeat that again” or “just how do you spell that” it’s time to move on to another name.

Some examples of websites that are easy to pronounce and spell are Taste of Home, Life Hack or Garden Report for food and home blogs. 

Ideas for creative domain names that you could use for a new blog are: Growth Spurts, Pups for Days, Fatten Finananes, High-Quality Wealth and, Free Flying family. These ideas cam from our whole series on naming your blog. Check out names for a cooking blog, fashion blog, and financial blog.

4. Just Use Your Name

If you want your blog topics to be open-ended and not be pigeon-holed into a specific niche forever, choosing to use your name might be a good option. 

For a business blog, you might an expert in your field, so using your name may be a perfect choice. In fact, Google ranks blogs with authors that have expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (Moz).

If your name is not available, consider adding a middle initial, nickname, a title (Dr) or other relevant credentials.  Also, try adding a location, adjective or verb along with your name.

Many well known bloggers use their name for the URL: for example. Brandon Gaille, Gary V, Chris Brogan all use their names.

5. Stick to Names That Are 2-3 Words in Length

Don’t go overboard with your domain name and get too wordy. The best blog names are short and sweet. 

Plus, as an added benefit, shorter domain names work better for search engines and optimization. You want to impress and not confuse the search engines for good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to secure your rankings.

Examples of popular blog names that are short and sweet are: 

Creative ideas for a new lifestyle blog names are Home Base Strategy, Right Life, Mom Gets Real.

A new financial blog could be Smart Money Map or

6. Look at Your Competitors Blog Names

What is online Presence and Why is it important?

Of course, you don’t want to copy your competitor’s blog and business names.  (It’s unethical, kinda sleazy and possibly illegal)

However, taking a look at how the many in the same niche are formatting their blog names,  might be a good idea to get your creative juices flowing. 

If all of the blogs in your niche use the same format, that proves that it works and might be something you stick with for your blog.

For example, many of the travel blogs use a travel related adjective or verb in the name.  

Popular travel blogs are Adventurous Kate, Nomdic Matt, Never Ending Footsteps. 

If you follow the same idea for a new blog, you could use Thompsons in Transit, Sightseeing Sarah, or Memorable Voyage.

7. Use a Play on Words

Making your blog name catchy through using a play on words is a unique way to show off your creativity and stand out. 

Using various words and transitions like that within your blog name will make your name remember-able.

Plus, I love a good play on words!

As an example from our list of pet blog names for a pet blogger, a name like Dogs are Fur Life, is not only cute but plays on the word ‘fur.’

Another example for and math blog could be Piece of Pi or Know Night for an astronomer. (As a bonus these are alliterations – tip #13)

8. Blend Your Words

Blending words to come up with a unique word is a super creative way to make a new blog name stand out even more. 

The technical term is portmanteau, which is a word that blends the sounds and meanings of two words.

In fact, blog is a blend of the two words website and log.  

An example of this is mompreneur (a combination of mom + entrepreneur).  The Single Mompreneur is an example of this and #10. Ryan Robinson did this with his own name to create his blog

An idea for a new personal finance blog name would be The Budgetesk = Budget + Desk

Or a cat-themed website could be Catopia = Cat + Utopia or Pawsibilities. See more unique names for a cat blog here.

9. Use Humor or Sarcasm

Depending on your niche, adding some humor or sarcasm in your blog name might fit well. 

Sad and Useless is an example if a popular humor website.  Lamebook is a blog that collects all the craziest posts and comments from Facebook and publishes it with a funny title.

Other ideas for new blogs are: Oh Golly Another Blog, Not a Funny Blog, This Ain’t Wisdom, I Need A Nap, and OK Smarty Pants!

Follow the Formula:  (Adjective) + (Noun)

Many popular blogs have used this formula for their blog names, so it’s obvious this method works. 

Right down and brainstorm a list of adjectives and nouns that would fit with your blog content and niche, mix and match until you come up with something you love! 

A popular blog I like is Sweet and Simple Life (that’s, 2 adjectives and a noun and a bit of tip #14). 

Then if the exact match domain name is not available, try adding “the” to the front of your choice.  Be careful to check for other similar businesses with existing names. YOu could get in trouble with copyright infringement.

More examples of blogs that follow this principle: The Running Girl (fitness blog), The Rowdy Kitchen (food blog), The Travel Institute. 

Use 2 or 3 nouns together

For this formula to work effectively, you need to use at least one word that makes it obvious what your blog is about — for example, Marketing Magic = a blog about marketing.

Educational blogs frequently use this approach with school or academy.  For example a popular blog for building niche sites is Income School. 

An example of a popular family travel blog is Suitcases and Sippy Cups.

Of course this can be extended to using two or three verbs together as in Eat, Pray Love.

Some ideas for you to name your new blog are Fly or Drive, Run Rest, Money Website.

Use an (Adjective) + (Your Name or Business Name)

Another option for using your name is adding a relevant adjective before it to create a truly unique blog name. 

This method works particularly well if you already have a business that you are choosing a domain name and designing a website.   

In that instance, the formula is  [Adjective] + [Your Business Name].  Of course, this works in reverse so [Your Business Name] + [Adjective]

For even more options, choose a couple of adjectives and use a thesaurus to gather more adjectives.  

As an example for a travel blog: Wandering Tara or Traveling Tara. A popular mom blog is Twins Mommy. 

Ideas for creative names for new small business websites are Vail Painting Pros, Colorado Printing Company,  Roasters Coffee Shop. 

Use an Alliteration

An Alliteration is the use of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words. 

A classic example from a children’s saying is: “She sells seashells by the sea-shore.”  Of course this would not pass the “short and easy to say” test in tip #3.

Examples of popular blogs that are memorable and easy to say alliterations are: 

Making Sense of Cents (Personal Finance)

Time Travel Turtle (travel blog)

Some ideas for a new blog are Morning Mocha, Alphabet Alligator, and Busy Bee Bloggers.

14. Go Random

It has worked for businesses like Twitter and Yahoo. 

When it comes to a blog name, it’s always better to go with something that speaks to your target audience and lets them know what your blog will be about before they even visit. 

However, if you have a unique or interesting word you’ve created, go with your gut and put something truly creative out there! 

Building brand this way may take a little longer, but many huge names (ie, Xerox, Kodak, Sony Ikea, Google) have done this. 

Ideas for words that just plain sound cool are Yazoosh or Loomily.  You might just pick the next Google!

15. Use a Blog Name Generator

There are several blog name generator tools out there that might help you if you are still stuck with coming up with a blog name you love. 

Basically, you enter a theme, word or phrase and the generator will churn out a bunch of ideas.  You will still need to follow through and see that the names are available. 

A couple of good ones are NameBoy, IsItWP and NameMesh.

I’ve chosen a brilliant blog name! What’s next?

Once you’ve settled on a blog name, you want to make sure that this catchy domain name is available.

Related content: To learn more about domain names ream my article answering “What is a Domain Name?”

For more detailed instructions for registering your name and building a website, let me help you.  I have a step-by-step tutorial just for you

These are the basic steps to registering your domain name.  

Hopefully, you have a couple of creative domain names listed in order of your preference.  Your favorite might be taken so its best to have a couple in hand.

Check to make sure the matching domain name with a .com extension is available for your chosen blog name.   I recommend using NameCheap to search and register your domain name. 

Learn more about the parts of a domain name and the importance of the extension .com.  A different extension may be used in some situations.  

Otherwise, if .com is not available, I strongly recommended coming up with another available unique name.

If your domain name is available, check the US Trademark office to make sure there are no currently registered trademarks that might cause you an issue later on. 

If someone has trademarked your domain name, you need to pick something else that is unique to you.

If there is no active trademark and your domain name is available congratulations! You’ve selected a unique name for your blog. It’s time to get your domain registered and start creating your blog website.

You can register your domain with a domain registrar or with your web host. My favorite registrar is NameCheap because they are well.. cheap, secure, and easy to search in the bulk search function.

You can try out NameCheap here

In my comprehensive article about domains you will learn what a domain is and I walk you step by step how to register a domain name.


I have provided you with more than enough tips and tools to choose the perfect domain name for your blog.

I hope by the end of reading this you have been able to choose a catchy, creative blog name (or create a list of ideas).  Please let me know in the comments which are your favorite tips or examples.  

Most importantly, let me know which tip, idea, or tool you used to choose your brilliant blog name!    Leave your new blog name and URL in the comments!

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